Online Training Opportunities

We understand the complexities of supporting children who have experienced childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences and the difficulties that educational provisions and staff can have in supporting these children through their education. We all want the very best for these children and in order to be in a position for them to reach their potential, we recognise the importance of the adults around them to support with their journey.

By developing our online learning offer and working with professional training providers, we feel we can offer you the very best online training in a flexible way. Whether you need to quickly upskill a new member or staff, or are interested in a whole school approach, we can support you with your needs.

Details of the online training courses we offer education provisions can be found below. If you are interested in accessing any of the courses, or would like further information, please email us at vskadvisoryteam@kent.gov.uk

Knowledge Change Action

Knowledge Change Action (KCA) was established in 2011 to bring together the work of Kate Cairns and a group of experienced practitioners and trainers across the UK. The team has a considerable track record in running effective training programmes, both face-to-face and online, and in responding to the changing needs and priorities of the workforce.

KCA is an SfJ Centre for the delivery of vocational qualifications. The course content is rooted in science-based theory and is written and produced to accreditation standards.

Grounded in an understanding of the needs of children and young people, KCA Online is a key part of their ‘connect learning’ approach. The online courses aim to develop knowledge, skills and reflection not by taking people out of their workplace, but rather by sending them to explore their workplace and their work relationships as part of an ongoing learning journey.

Activities and exercises require learners to 'stop and think' or 'go and do' and to record their discoveries in their online journal. With the facility for the journal to be shared with a designated learning mentor as a space for online reflective discussion, this makes for superb work-based learning, promoting practical application and professional conversations. Although the learning is guided online, with input from experts, in reality people are learning from and alongside their managers, colleagues and service users.

VSK are able to offer online courses free of charge for individuals or as a whole school package; including different levels of training for different teams to work together for a whole school approach.

For more information on the courses available, please visit the KCA Website