Post16 Provision Budget

The Post16 Provision Budget (PPB) is for Kent children in care (CiC) and young care leavers (YCL) in years 12 and 13 who are engaged in some form of education, training or employment. It can be accessed by those who are living both in and outside of Kent. Applications will not be considered for young people who are beyond school Year 13.

FAQ's for Foster Carers - PP+ and Post16 funding

What is it for?

It is for CiC and YCL who are in Post Statutory School age provision. It can be used to provide extra-curricular activities which broaden and enhance the life experiences of CiC and YCL where all other sources of funding have been utilised. These activities should be categorised under the following headings:

  • Academic Achievement (to include one to one tutoring, part time courses, equipment and resources where the bursary is not enough to fund)
  • Social / Emotional Well-Being (to include Mentoring and Counselling)
  • Transition Support (to include preparing for University, College, Work, Apprenticeships)
  • EET enrichment activities (to include Mandatory educational trips, accredited sporting/creative activities)

PPB can also be used to fund specialised equipment such as bicycles for CiC and YCL with mobility difficulties or catering equipment.

Requests for laptops should be made via the Kent Pledge Laptop Application Form

Will each CiC/YCL be allocated a specific allowance?

No. The fund will be allocated according to need and there should be no expectation that every CiC/YCL will need to access the fund. Cic and YCL that are in education are also entitled to receive a bursary, the bursary is administered by the training provider the young person is engaged with.

How will it be managed?

Applications for funding will be considered by the Post16 Deputy Head and discussed with the appropriate Post 16 Support Officer and Social Worker. VSK’s Senior Leadership Team may also use the fund to provide centrally commissioned countywide support. VSK Senior Leadership Team may also agree funding for CiC of statutory school age in very exceptional circumstances.

Applications can be made at any point during the academic year, however it should be noted that the budget is allocated for financial years not academic years.

How should Tuition be commissioned?

For CiC and YCL who are aged 16plus where there is no access to PP+ funding or a bursary PPB can be used to provide academic tutoring or ESOL courses for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children. Tuition can be commissioned in a number of ways but will always be based on completed PPB request which will indicate the plan and the expected outcomes. There is an expectation that progress reports and a final outcome report will be provided by the tutor. Tuition should be limited to 10 hours per subject and then reviewed before an application to continue is considered.

• If the team wishes to commission a tuition agency, VSK approved tuition providers must be used. Commissioning of tutors by tender will be managed directly by the Key Stage 5 team the agency will liaise directly with the Key Stage 5 admin officer.
• The young person’s education provider may be commissioned to provide the tuition. In this situation the invoice must come from the provider and not a tuition agency/individual. It may be necessary to pay the provider an admin fee for doing so.
• Where the tuition is a continuation of an existing arrangement, the existing tuition agency may be used, but under no circumstances may an individual tutor be employed directly.

What documentation is involved?

The application form must detail the plan, the cost and the expected outcome. An approved application should become an addendum to the PEP and be reviewed at the next meeting. The team may consider the need for additional evidence before approving a plan.

Personal Education Plans are mandatory for those post16 and will be required to support any PPB requests regardless of the young person’s education, training or employment status.

Who can apply?

KCC Professionals working directly with the young person who have an input directly or indirectly to the PEP (e.g. Social Worker, providing above criteria is met)

To make an application please complete the Post 16 Funding Application Form