Financial Support in Education for UASC

  • If a young person is yr 11 and under and accessing a statutory school place, then they will be eligible to receive additional funding support via pupil premium plus additional funding. Please discuss the amount and distribution of this with the VSK Asst Head for the region the YP resides in (see contacts above).

  • If the young person is in years 12 or 13 and accessing a programme of study that has a fully recognised qualification attached then the young person may be entitled to access the Discretionary Care Leaver Bursary to help with course related costs, such as travel and course equipment. Please speak to the Post 16 Support Officer for the region the young person resides in (see contacts above).

  • Personal Education Plans are mandatory for pre 16 and post 16 students and VSK will continue to monitor and support the completion of PEP documents for the young people we work with.. This is completed electronically through the Kent PEP system and all Social Workers have access to this.