ESOL Information for UASC

Post 16 education ESOL offer courses ranging from Pre-Entry Level through to Level 3. For a young person to access a mainstream programme at Level 1, e.g., Level 1 Construction, most FE Colleges requires English language competence at Entry level 3. Thus, it is important that potential students are not only assessed at the correct level for ESOL study but understand without the necessary English language competence and accredited qualification it may be impossible to study for accredited vocational courses at Level 1 and above.

Post 16 Education ESOL Course Levels

Pre-Entry Level
▪ Pre-Entry
▪ Entry Level 1 (E1)
▪ Entry Level 2 (E2)
▪ Entry Level 3 (E3)

Mainstream Programmes of Study (Generally Level 1 or above)
▪ Level 1
▪ Level 2
▪ Level 3

In Kent and Medway there are various education providers offering ESOL courses of study and/or mainstream courses of study. Most ESOL programmes that have a qualification attached will start in September and run for an academic year, finishing in June or July the following year. There are some providers that offer short ESOL courses, with various start times during the academic year. Most notably Adult Education who offer specialist ESOL courses for 16-18 yrs old UASC unable to gain a place at FE College.