School Policy For Children In Care

A school policy for Children In Care is not a statutory policy for schools but does offer a school the opportunity to consider their processes, support and partnership-working for children and young people within this cohort.

A school may also want to consider the title of the policy, so that further groups of vulnerable young people are identified as having support in school. Some schools have also included Previously Looked After Children and Children With A Social Worker into their guidance, as these groups of young people are supported in a variety of ways by Virtual School Kent.

The roots of this guidance come from a requirement for inclusive, trauma-informed practice for the children and young people mentioned in the cohorts above, so that they can be supported to attain good outcomes in learning and well being. Ideally, the inclusive and trauma-informed practices will also be found consistently in all the policies and procedures of a school.

When writing a policy / procedure / guidance, school may wish to include the following information;

DFE and Local Authority Information


  • Children In Care / Looked After Children
  • Previously Looked-After Children
  • Children With A Social Worker
  • Designated Teacher (For Looked After Children)
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead

The school’s aims for this cohort of children and young people

  • Academic attainment and progress in line with their peers
  • Engagement in education, through a supportive admissions criteria, high levels of attendance and highly trained staff to support them.

The role of the Designated Teacher For Looked After Children

  • See DFE documents listed above

The role of all staff and governors

  • Understanding
  • Adaptations/Reasonable adjustments
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Challenge and support

Personal Education Plans

  • Reason
  • Responsibilities
  • Information required
  • Timescales

Other Education Plans/meetings

  • Education Plan for Previously Looked After Children
  • Education plans for CIN/CP – key education indicators

Other procedures

  • Reporting attendance
  • Consideration of a suspension, exclusion or reduced timetable
  • Confidentiality


  • Pupil Premium +
  • Pupil Premium

Support / Contacts / Further Information

Your school should also make explicit links to other policies

  • Admission Arrangements (statutory policy)
  • Data Protection (statutory policy)
  • Register of Pupils’ Admission to School & Attendance (statutory policy)
  • Child Protection Policy & Procedures (statutory policy)
  • Behaviour/Inclusion Policies (statutory policy)
  • Pupil Premium