VSK Contact Information

Please phone: 03000 412777 or Email: VSK@kent.gov.uk

Kent CiC placed Out of County
Please email: VSKOOC@kent.gov.uk

Virtual School Kent Advisory Team (VSKAT) Supporting Previously looked After Children and Children with a Social Worker
Please email: VSKadvisoryteam@kent.gov.uk or complete an Initial Contact Form:

  • For Children with a Social Worker If you wish to speak to a member of the VSKAT, please complete the Initial Contact Form to arrange a phone consultation.
  • For Previously Looked After Children if you would like to arrange a phone consultation with the VSKAT then please complete the PLAC Initial Contact Form.

Kent PEP System and Data Team
Please phone: 03000 415353 or email: VSKKentPEP@kent.gov.uk

Participation Team
Please email VSK_participation@kent.gov.uk