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Making Kent a county that works for all children

The Kent Pledge

Kents Pledge to Children and Young People Looked After by Kent County Council outlines a number of things they will do to help make sure that their time in care is a positive experience. They recognise that being in care and leaving care isn’t always easy and that it can bring extra challenges and pressures for children and young people.

These are based around six themes:

  • A sense of belonging
  • An adult who is always there for them whilst they are in care
  • A good education.
  • Good memories for the future
  • Getting ready for being an adult.
  • Championing their needs and interests 

Kent Pledge Cards have been created for children in care aged 7 to 11 years and children aged 12 years and over

NEWSThe Daisy Lamb Booklet has been written to support early years children to begin the transition from living with their own family to living with new carers. It also highlights the core values supported by Kent County Council through the Kent Pledge commitment to children in care. The book can also help other children appreciate the issues of fostered and adopted children. UK Copyright Service Registration No:284670929

Kent Pledge Laptops

Kent County Council pledges to ensure the best possible ICT support for study opportunities during the secondary phase of statutory school education. The following guidance clarifies the conditions under which computers are allocated: Laptop and Tablet Computers Provided to CiC Under the Kent Pledge Qualification Guidance

The laptops are provided by Stone Computers Ltd who were established in 1991 and are the leading provider of ICT solutions to education and the public sector.

Laptop Application Form

Information about the laptop (including support and disposal arrangements)

Acceptable Use Policy (Carers)

Acceptable Use Policy (Young People)

Kent Pledge Payments

A commitment was made within the Kent Pledge to invest £100 into a savings account for Children in Care and Care Leavers (born before September 2002) for every full year they spent in care between April 2008 and March 2011.  To honour this commitment, Kent County Council have opened a Kent Pledge savings account for eligible young people and deposited the money owed into their account (this amount has been backdated to each full year they spent in care post April 2008).  When they turn 18, their account can be closed and they are entitled to receive this money.

Virtual School Kent administers these accounts and will contact the young person and their social worker when the payment is due to be made.  The young person can be paid the £100 or £200 owed to them either by cheque or directly into their bank account, plus any interest accrued.

For further information please contact us at

Sport and Leisure Scheme

The Kent Pledge makes a commitment to provide Children in Care with at least four hours a week of opportunities to take part in hobbies and interests (including sports, art and music). As part of this commitment Kent County Council has established the Sport and Leisure Scheme. This offers free access to certain leisure facilities across the County. Free facilities vary between Districts. The scheme is currently only available in Maidstone and Tonbridge & Malling.

In all cases the young person needs to be resident within a district boundary to access that district’s scheme and an application form will need to be submitted for each child. Please contact Leisure Centres directly for their terms and conditions.


Age range 5 - 17 years (no photos required *permission for web-cam will be needed)

Tonbridge & Malling

Age range 0 - 17 years (photos not necessary. *permission for web-cam will be needed)

Procedure for Kent Children in Care:

  1. The child’s Social Worker must complete the Application form and attach photos (if required).
  2. The child’s Social Worker must forward the completed Application Form to the Service Manager for signature
  3. The Service Manager must forward the completed Application Form to the named contact at the Leisure Centre

Procedure for Other Local Authority Children in Care living in Kent:

  1. The child’s Social Worker must complete the Application form and attach photos (if required)
  2. The child’s Social Worker must forward the completed Application Form to their Manager for signature
  3. The Manager must forward completed Application form to who will forward valid completed Application Forms to the named contact at the Leisure Centre

If you have any questions about the scheme please email