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Making Kent a county that works for all children

Bespoke Training

Details of our bespoke training courses can be found below. If you are interested in arranging a session or would like further information, please email us at

An Awareness of the term Attachment and the Impact of Early Experiences on Learning and Behaviour in School

This course is for teaching and non-teaching staff to gain an awareness of how a child with attachment difficulties may present in a school setting.


  • To understand what is meant by ‘attachment’
  • To begin to consider behaviour in the context of early years’ experiences
  • To begin to think about ‘attachment’ in the classroom

Helping your child with Education and Learning (Special Educational Needs)

Under SEN Law carers are recognised as ‘the parent’ and so have a crucial role in advocating for their CiC. This session is about supporting children and young people with special needs. It will help Social Workers and carers understand their differing roles in securing access to appropriate provision and understanding the legalities and processes around SEN.


  • To understand the school SEN systems
  • To know what kind of provision is available to schools
  • To understand the statutory assessment process
  • To have an awareness of various SEN difficulties including ASD, Speech & Language and Dyslexia.
  • To be given some strategies to support the child with SEN at home
  • Explore how to support children and young people with SEN to do well at school and improve outcomes
  • Work with the schools, Virtual School Kent and multi-agency partners to ensure your child is given the correct support
  • Understand the role of the Personal Education Plans for children with SEN and working together

School Admissions and Transitions

This course aims to equip foster carers and social workers with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your CiC can make their transition successfully and ultimately reach their potential in whatever school or setting they attend.


  • To clearly understand the admissions process for CiC and the timescales that are worked to
  • To learn which key people should be involved when planning to support a child through an admission or transition
  • To consider the types of questions you should be asking when visiting potential new schools or settings
  • To know the best ways in which a child can be prepared for an admission or transition
  • To understand how schools and VSK can provide additional support for CiC who may find starting school or making a transition more difficult
  • To help you to improve the effectiveness of the first Personal Education Plan that is in place for the child once started or having moved schools

Children in Care Governor Training

Understanding the rights and needs of CiC in regards to accessing education


  • To understand the profile of CiC and implications for schools
  • To be aware of legislation relating to CiC
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of schools and governors with regard to the education of CiC