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Realising the potential of Children in Care

VSKs Out of County Team Supports children in Care Living out of Kent

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

Two foster carers recently moved from North Kent to East Sussex and here they tell us how they have been supported by our out of county team….

My name is Amanda, myself and my partner Mick have been Foster Carers for just over 10 years. We were North Kent foster carers and just over a year ago moved to East Sussex with our two long term foster sons. Over the years Mick and I have supported many children through respite, bridging placement, Unaccompanied Minors and Emergency care.

Since moving to East Sussex Mick and I continue to offer support to carers and are regular relief carers when support is needed. Over the years I have had excellent support from VSK with help supporting my young people with their emotional well being and education. VSK have supported transitions into new schools were they have worked with our children in the home and school, building a relationship with each young person to help them settle. If I needed any advice or guidance VSK were able to help me and my young people.

Through the participation days that the children have enjoyed, they have also been able to share their views. One of my young peoples views were shared in training for foster carers and social workers. In 2015 we had a 13 year old unaccompanied minor he was from Etritea. Orginally the young person was with us for two weeks respite, he soon became a part of our family and lived with us until he moved into independance. The young man couldn’t speak any English, his spoken language is Tigrinya. VSK helped Mick and I identify a school that would offer the best support for him. Our young man was supported through his education and was able to sit his exams, he went on to college and now works for Amazon.

The support from VSK has been consistent and our young people have kept the same support officer which has helped them build a relationship. When Mick and I moved out of county VSK supported a smooth transition into the children’s new schools. The VSK out of county team continue to support our young people and I am able to attend regular out of county coffee mornings where myself and other carers are able to discuss our young people, any support that might be needed and VSK send out regular flyers via email on activities and up coming events which are also shared at the meeting. The carers are also able to come up with ideas to help support our young people and share what works for them.