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Realising the potential of Children in Care

This Nurture Room Is Helping Children Get Back Into The Classroom

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

Chyngton School in East Sussex took part in VSK’s Nurture UK training offer last Academic Year and Gemma Southerden, Inclusion Leader tells us how this has helped their students.

NEWSSince our training last year, we are now running a full time nurture provision and Daisy, who attended the training with me is running it!

NEWSIt means that children who are not able to manage a whole day in their mainstream classroom due to attachment difficulties or who haven’t yet developed those key skills outlined in the Boxall are receiving personalised learning which is preparing them to be successful in class more often.

At the moment around 15 children access nurture at different points in the week and some children access it all morning every morning.

NEWSWe have already had some graduates - and those children are now in class most of the time accessing learning, but they pop back for a snack every now and then.

Our nurture is so successful that we are actually considering opening another class.

NEWSThe nurture training provided was such a fantastic opportunity and we are so grateful that we now have a provision which goes even further to meet our children’s needs. Our next steps are more sensory resources in the nurture room and nurture boxes for classrooms so that other children can access nurture at points of the day as well.