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Strengths and Difficulties Questionaire

Since April 2008 all local authorities in England have been required to provide information on the psychological and emotional health of children in care, and specifically emotional and behavioural difficulties.

This information is collected using a Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). This is a widely used tool for assessing a child’s emotional well-being, looking at the likelihood of problems being already present or of developing in the future.

All children or young people aged between 4 and 16 years old inclusive must have a questionnaire completed by their main carer which should be aligned to the health assessment. The request to complete the SDQ will be made directly to the parent/carer at the time the letter of appointment is sent to them by the VSK nursing team. The allocated Social Worker will be asked to complete the form in respect of young people aged below 17 years who are living independently.

The questionnaire asks the carer to read various statements and then judge how well it describes the young person living with them. The answers are given by ticking one of 3 to 4 boxes for each question. On average this should take the carer no more than 10 minutes to complete.

An Administrative Officer within VSK will input the information from the SDQ onto a national computer database which analyses the data and produces a total score. The score will then be input by this person on to Liberi. If the score is identified as being of concern, as per the SDQ guidance, triangulation will be requested whereby the VSK Administrative Officer will contact the school to request completion of the teachers questionnaire. Notification will also be sent to the child’s social worker with a request for the young person’s questionnaire to be completed if they are aged 11 years or over.

A triangulated approach provides a more rounded picture of the young person and enables a decision to be made about what, if any, further services they may need to address the difficulties identified.

The SDQ information will be considered within the health assessment by the Looked After Children’s Nurses. The health assessment, health plan with recommendations, the SDQ form and score will be sent to the social worker.

Initial SDQ Questionnaire

KCC Guidance for Social Workers (Nov 2012)

The SDQ Questionnaire can be downloaded in other languages from the YouthinMind Website.