Realising the potential of Children in Care


Details of our 16plus bespoke training courses can be found below. For more information or to book a session please contact Rachel Calver at

Foster Carer Training

We have recently delivered our annual training on Post14 and Post16 options for CiC and Care Leavers, covering the changes in education, developments, useful links and resources. Please keep an eye out for next year’s training to book yourself a place in your locality area during October/November 2015.

Key Stage 4 Information

Key Stage 5 Information

Designated Member of Staff

For the Post16 sector we can deliver training on how to develop the Designated Member of Staff scheme - having a key contact for any CiC/CL studying with you, to support their education progress and journey

Post16 Awareness

This training covers the support available from VSK, an overview of the Social Worker structure and education/training options available for CiC/CL