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Making Kent a county that works for all children

Post16 Education for UASC

Post 16 education offers courses ranging from Entry Level through to Level 3 before accessing Higher Education.

For a young person to access a mainstream programme at Level 2, e.g. Level 2 Construction, they would need to have GCSE’s at mainly C or D grades, or equivalent – their English skills would need to be at Level 1 therefore an ESOL programme may be the first step for them to gain the required level of English for a Level 2 mainstream programme.

Post 16 Education Course Levels:


  • Pre Entry


  • Entry Level 1 (E1)
  • Entry Level 2 (E2)
  • Entry Level 3 (E3)


  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

In Kent and Medway there are various education providers offering ESOL programmes and/or mainstream programmes. Most programmes that have a qualification attached will start in September and run for an academic year, finishing in July. There are some providers that offer short ESOL courses, with various start times during the academic year.

Support in Education:

  • If a young person is accessing a programme that has a fully recognised qualification attached then the young person may be entitled to access the Discretionary Care Leaver Bursary to help with course related costs, such as travel and course equipment. Please speak to your Post 16 Support Officer for more information.
  • Personal Education Plans are mandatory for those post 16 and we will continue to monitor and support the completion of PEPs Documents for the young people. This is completed electronically through the Kent PEP system and all Social Workers have access to this.