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Making Kent a county that works for all children

Kent Adoption Service

Adoption provides a new family for children who can no longer live with their own family. An adoption order transfers the child’s legal relationship from their birth family to the new adoptive family. For more information about adoption, visit the Kent Adoption website.

All Kent children in care are supported by VSK and this support continues if a child is placed for adoption up until the final adoption order has been granted.

  • While the child remains in care the school attended will continue to receive PP+ and will be able to request additional funding in the normal way. Any support package funded by PP+ and agreed prior to the final adoption order date will be honoured by VSK.
  • VSK will continue to attend PEP meetings.
  • VSK will support and advise if a change of school is needed once an adoptive placement is identified and will provide transition support for the child and school staff.
  • VSK will attend the Education Planning for Adopted Children (EPAC) meeting if this is requested by the adoptive parent.
  • Once the adoption order has been granted then VSK can offer support in an advisory role.