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School Admissions

The School Admissions (Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2008 require admission authorities to give first priority to Children in Care (CiC) in their oversubscription criteria. There are some permitted exceptions to this:

  • Faith schools are required to give first priority to CiC of their faith, ahead of other applicants of their faith, then to CiC not of their faith ahead of others not of their faith. However, this is a minimum requirement and faith schools may choose to give first priority to all CiC, regardless of faith, over other applicants.
  • Designated grammar schools must give first priority to CiC who meet the academic requirements.
  • Schools with pre-existing arrangements for partial selection must give first priority to CiC who meet the ability or aptitude criteria before other children who have been selected on that basis.  CiC who have not been allocated a place on the basis of their ability or aptitude have higher priority than all other such children.
  • Schools that select by pupil banding must give first priority to CiC within each band over other children eligible for a place in that band.

Under Section 97A of the 1998 Act, outside the normal admissions round, Local Authorities may direct another admission authority for any maintained school to admit a child in their care to the school best suited to his or her needs. Before giving a direction, the Local Authority must consult the admission authority for the school they propose to specify in the direction. The admission authority then has seven days to inform the Local Authority if it is willing to admit the child without being directed to do so, or, if the admission authority is unwilling to admit the child, they must refer the matter to the Adjudicator within this period.

Useful Information

Kent Admissions Policy for Children in Care (October 2015)

Flowchart of the procedure for applying for a child in care school place in Kent - to be read in conjunction with the Kent Admissions Policy for Children in Care

Moving to a different School - If your child is at primary, junior or secondary school and you want to move them to a different school, you need to apply. This is called an in-year admission. There is no guarantee that your preferred school/s will be able to offer your child a place. You should not remove your child from their current school before you have an offer of a place at another school.

School Admissions Code (Dfe Dec 2014)