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Making Kent a county that works for all children

Training for Provisions

Research shows that children who have been adopted from care or who are the subject of special guardianship orders do less than half as well as their non-adopted peers at the end of primary and secondary school.

VSK are offering free bespoke training for schools and settings in Kent.

The session aims to be:

An introduction for schools in supporting vulnerable children who may have difficulties related to attachment and childhood developmental trauma.

The areas covered include:

  • How does secure attachment develop
  • Insecure attachment and presenting behaviours
  • Strategies for the school, class teacher and supporting staff
  • Personalised approaches to supporting children and young people

Feedback from recent training sessions:

It will make me consider why children behave in a certain way and how as a professional I can support them.

Good information/explanation of how attachment is formed and how it can impact/be seen in terms of behaviours when attachment has not been formed/gone wrong.

Very useful session - lots of learning points and good strategies. I plan to implement several new ideas.

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