Realising the potential of Children in Care

CASE STUDY: Making a difference for a young person in care

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

When I first met the student, they were on roll at a pupil referral unit after leaving a mainstream school. Attendance at the unit was very poor, the student was late to school, leaving the site before the school day was over or not attending at all. Finding the environment very challenging when trying to learn and on most occasions deciding not to engage, the student would leave the classroom as they were motivated to learn but struggled to channel this into constructive activity.

In partnership, the student, the unit and myself formulated a plan to try and engage him in education.

It was decided that the student would have one to one tuition for Maths and English and this has been successful with really good engagement; the tuition has helped the student to realise that they are able to excel when they put their mind to it. Before accessing tuition, the student was predicted to fail GCSEs for Maths and English but is now predicted to achieve a grade five in both Maths and English.

The student has been meeting with myself every week for two months to work out what path to take on leaving school and has now decided to study ICT at college, with the aim of progressing further to study ICT at university in the future. The student has worked very hard and realised with the right support they can achieve things originally believed to be impossible.

by Tyler Johnson, Key Stage 4 Progression Advisor