Realising the potential of Children in Care

VSK Conference: Nurture in Practice Mini Meet

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

On the 14th September people from all across Kent gathered for a conference with The Nurture Group Network. Jo Kelly and Amanda Ormond from VSK presented on the Nurture Project that VSK have been undertaking with primary and secondary schools across North Kent – and why Nurture Groups can be so effective for Children in Care / Vulnerable children.

The Conference went very well indeed with presentations on the newly updated Boxall Profile (including the capacity of whole classes/cohorts to be analysed using this data), also how using sensory approaches can be helpful and lots more information on Nurture developments across the country.

30 delegates, ranging from senior leaders to teaching assistants attended and it is estimated - from a show of hands - that at least 30% of the delegation were new to nurture.

Interesting. Well presented with great examples and evidence to back up. Easy to understand: Able to visualise how you could use in your own school. Great presentation.

Really great overview of different areas- had attended some individual specific training but conference style has been really helpful in thinking about using nuture principles as unifying factor across these areas plus the interventions that are already in place at school.

Really great day. Each group was interesting and thought provoking and has given me lots of ideas and renewed my enthusiasm. Fantastic speakers.

Jo and Amanda are aiming to develop this Nurture Group project across the county and are working closely with the VSK Locality Teams to develop further training opportunities for schools to become accredited Nurture Group practitioners through this academic year.

Please contact Joanne Kelly or Amanda Ormond if you would like further information or if you would like to be considered to take part in the next stage of this project.