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Realising the potential of Children in Care

I am adopted - poem by SG aged 11 years

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

I am adopted, I keep asking - why me?
I feel different but nothing you will see,
I have two parents to call my own,
I now have a safe loving home.

NEWSBefore I was adopted - l was often scared,
Why is this happening? Nobody cared,
I heard lots of shouting, so full of fear,
I was silently screaming but no one could hear.

I was told I had to leave and go into care,
I was a foster child with a new home to share,
They were looking for my new Mum and Dad,
I kept smiling, but inside I was sad.

I moved to my new home and to this School,
I would meet you and try to act cool,
I found it easier to put on a happy face
As I was more settled in just one place.

I once had siblings to love and keep safe,
I miss them dearly, but I had to be brave.
You see - they no longer live with me or very near,
I do get to see them but only twice a year.

Sometimes I have nightmares of the things I saw,
But you see me as happy and fun when I walk through the door,
I have a home and a Mum and Dad that show me they care,
They understand me when I can’t sit still on my chair.

I am adopted and I feel different you see,
I hope your my friends and will spend time with me,
I am feeling sad that we will soon leave our school,
I will miss our class, the playground and our School Hall.

I am proud.
I am adopted
Happy and free,
But sometimes I feel different - being me.