Realising the potential of Children in Care

March is National Safeguarding Month

Posted on by Judy Molyneux

UK Youth is running the #KeepMeSafe campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding and is calling for organisations to listen to their young people and take action. They have produced a range of #KeepMeSafe resources to help you.

UK Youth work with colleagues across the youth sector to help strengthen the quality of their services through training, accreditation, resources and expert advice. They have a range of products available to support all organisations working with young people to help set a benchmark and support the delivery of a minimum level of practice consistent with operating a safe organisation.

These include:

  • In response to our members’ need for increased training to safeguard their young people, we designed UK Youth Safe Spaces framework to set a minimum level of practice consistent with operating a safe organisation. The framework covers issues including health and safety, data protection, safeguarding, child sex exploitation, bullying and radicalisation.

  • Our nationally recognised assurance scheme specifically designed for organisations working with young people to enable them to develop quality provision, achieve lasting improvements and confidently demonstrate the quality of services being delivered to your young people.

  • Our programme strengthens local youth services and upskills youth workers to better support young people to stay safe, cope with uncertainty and build vital life skills. As well as creating safe spaces, FutureProof empowers youth workers to deal with the changing needs of young people and identify health and safety, safeguarding, grooming and radicalisation risks.

For more information please visit their website